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Hi Ruby:

I live in a "rural" county where the number one industry is agriculture. We are equi-distant though between two major metropolitan areas 35 miles away in both directions so I have the best of both worlds. Even though my grandfather had a dairy farm and I am used to animal manure smells, I am telling you, that when the wind is right, the odor in the air is RIPE!

As agriculture has gone more corporate wih huge agribusinesses developing it is interesting how animal manure impacts the local environment. We had one dairy farm which milks over 1,000 cows whose manure pond contaminated the water table and the ecoli count in neighboring wells made the water undrinkable.

The joys of country living can be greately exaggerated.

All the best,

One of your biggest fans

The Rev

Are you sure about the wonderful results of the hard work? It's possible that this may be wrong but I don't think so. BTW, would you like to know what my swamp looked like back in 1977? (easy, looked pretty-much as it does now!)

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