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Hi Ruby:

What's wrong with the teacher who didn't have the guts to call a spade a freaking shovel?

No wonder kids become cynical when they watch the hypocrisy of their parents and their teachers.

Schools are tools of indoctrination and social control not education and your examples of the collusion between functionaries masquerading as teachers and parents who want to help their children "beat" the system is a great parable of where "education" as gone wrong in the U.S. of A.

This is one of the reasons why my Mrs. and I decided to homeschool our brood, because we weren't having it. In the homeschooling world there is a slogan, "Don't let public schooling interfere with your education."

I hope you get more out of you education now as you pursue your degree at this later time in life.

Whatever happened to Candy? She's probably home eating potato chips, smoking cigarettes, and watching Jerry Springer. I'll bet she voted for Bush too because she's afraid of the big bad terrorists and so she voted her "values".

All the best,



well, now. maybe it's Randall James and Hector's turn to do your Book Report in a Bag!

or maybe you can still ask Candy's dad for help? ^_^

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