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9XyTAX http://djg8Dnw3NxU82k0Skg.com


Hi Ruby, I just stumbled across your diner. I love it. What a pleasure. After searching through 4 billion blogs on rss feeds...what a pleasure to find you. Thanks for the great read.


p.s. - your "onsomb" sounds great!


hi, Aunt Ruby! nice to see you back!

i can't *wait* to hear about the ball! and i'm just a wife too sick to work with 4 cats and orders groceries online. ^_^ i'm so excited for you!!!!!

now that i have our scanner working again (i think), i'll have to scan pics from our wedding--we got married in City Hall and wore jeans. ^_^


Feel free to quote me David. I am flattered, as a matter of fact. Woo Hoo.


Hi ya Ruby:

Golly gee I sure do miss you when you don't blog. You are way to far away for me to drop in to shoot the breeze at the grill so I look forward to your perodic epistles.

I know that you and Leon will knock em dead at the ball. You both sound like will you will be dressed to the "T" and will look just "MARVELOUS!!!!"

Your line "If they don't like my package, they will love my personality." is a keeper and I would like to use it as Quote of the day on my blog if that is alright with you? I hope you feel that stealing your stuff is the highest form of flattery.

Have a wonderful holiday if I don't hear from you before.

All the best,

One of your 3 known fans,



Remember the movie "True Lies" when Jamie Lee Curtis stops in the hall of the fancy hotel, gets water from a vase and slicks her hair back?
I can see you doing that.

Have a blast Ruby!

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