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he law cannot make all men equal, but they are all equal before the law. (Frederick Pollck, British jurist)

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hi, Aunt Ruby!

Merry Christmas!


duh! i guess i should've read this post before i commented on the last one.

it sounds like a great time, Aunt Ruby, good for you! you weren't kidding about the glass, either, and i'm glad to hear that you and "Uncle" Leon ^_^ decided not to find out what "snappy chic" means just to have $24 bacon and eggs. geez. i'm in the city; i have no idea what "snappy chic" looks like.

The Rev

Kristen, if you have a scrolling mouse, press CTRL on your keyboard and run the wheel. You can change the text size to what works for you. I'm 20 years older and was probably blinder than you back then; a required tool!

Ruby my dear, would you like a web page like the Sunday Drive done with your Chicago photos? The page is still up. I'm willing. Also, did you read James Lilik's bleat of the 13th? Links work poorly in comments but I'll try:


..and, for the "Sunday Drive":



I thoroughly enjoyed your journal. I found it by accident while checking out the stats on my journal (someone must have hit the recently updated weblogs on the side of your page, and come to my page).

"I think this is what Oprah's bathroom must look like." That says so, so much. Also, what a fantastic hilarious picture you have at the top. I want those glasses! And that puppy! Bah. My apartment complex doesn't allow puppies. And I look terrible in cat-eye or... what's the term for glasses like that? There is no term!

One quibble: THE typeface IS SO SMALL! If you made it bigger the old and feeble among us would have an easier time! Well, I'm 33, so I can't claim old. Maybe I'm just feeble!


Keep it up, funny interesting lady.

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